The Creative Focal Point

What is The Creative Focal Point?

Actually Focal Point or centre of interest is part of the composition. It draws the gaze of the viewer. Without a focal point, the viewer will not have something to rest their eyes upon.

To create an interesting painting, first, we must determine what is the focal point in our painting, then follow the rule of one-third (1/3) of the paper to place the focal point.

It can be a ship, a boat, a boy, a dog, a tree, a bridge, a hut, a house, even a pole and its shadow on water, mountain stream, rocks, cows or goats, etc.

To emphasize the painting of focal point, we should :

  • Contrasting the tone
  • Paint strong detail on it
  • Give strong light (if necessary leave the white of paper)

Some advises :

  • Do not put to many focal points in a painting
  • Do not put the focal point in the centre of the paper
  • Try to break up a or some horizontals in a painting by putting the focal point.

Horizontals can be long fence, electrical line/cable, long bridge, etc. We can break it with trees, boulder, ship masts, bunches of bush, etc.

  • Make some drawing in small scale papers (thumbnail sketches) to see how your painting will look like before you do the real one on proper size of paper.
  • Eliminate any competing detail

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