Easy Start Painting with Watercolour

How to Start Painting With Watercolour?

In this first sharing about watercolour painting, I consider that we are ready with the equipment to paint with watercolour. The modest equipment are watercolour papers, watercolour paints and watercolour brushes.

I have posted the photos of equipment that I use in my instagram artkhatulistiwa and facebook artkhatulistiwa.

This is My Opinion:

*COMPOSITION is important, without it the painting seems loose direction or misplace.

*DRAWING is essential in painting, without good drawing the painting will have no soul.

*TONE is powerful, without it the painting is tasteless.

This time, I want to share a simple composition start with the placement of Focal Point:

First, we must determine what is the focal point (center of interest) in our painting, then follow the rule of one-third (1/3) of the paper to place the focal point.

The rule of one-third means we divide the paper into three equal parts horizontal and vertically – maybe with tiny lines- when the lines intersect each other, we can see 4 point…those are the best place to put the focal point.

Sometimes, after we get the four points to put our focal point, it seems the placement for other features are awkward (from the photo reference or from the scene we see), that is why we need a little bit creativity. Perhaps features can be moved slightly, obliterated etc. But be careful with free creativity of composition if we are going to name a place, a specific building, or history things/place in a painting.

The rule of one-third is also helping to draw the horizon. It could be the sea, the meadow, the plain land, the desert, the floor of a room, the end sight of the street, etc

We can choose the upper one-third or the below one-third, no matter the painting is portrait or landscape, as the horizon.

DRAWING and TONE are other skill that painter must have. We will discuss in another articles.

After this, there are perspectives that we should to know. Read this article for more information.

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