The Essential of Good Drawing Watercolour Painting

What does this mean?

Drawing is essential in painting, without good drawing the painting will have no soul, even in drawing Watercolour Painting. I would like to start my sharing about drawing with Drawing tools. Drawing tools are varies from the modest to luxury.

Pencil is simple

this might be the first thing I can grip with my small hand when I was a child as my first stationary. It is easy to erase and very easy to use because of its pointing tip. There is also coloured pencil.

Charcoal is more difficult

because it is not easy to erase and its round shape (carbon charcoal), but there is also in pencil shape. I like the dark black colour produced by charcoal, useful for fast blocking.

drawing watercolour painting

Crayon is not easy to erase

Like Conte Crayon (looks like chalk) usually with earth colour.

Pen and Ink are not easy to erase

Actually the age of pen and ink are older than pencil, because they have been used since ancient. There are also colour pen and colour ink.

Marker is not easy to erase

The tip is varies from pointing till broad wedge.

Pastel is not easy to erase

There are Hard pastel (more crumbly), Oil Pastel, Pencil Pastel.

Fixative (Sprayer) to protect

the drawing after it is finish except for Pen, Ink and Marker drawing.

Eraser and gum eraser

for charcoal.

How to Start drawing watercolour painting?

To start drawing, we must understand the shapes of things first. Square, Block, Tube, Cone, Sphere.

To make it easy, start with STILL LIFE. It means drawing some objects as a model which cannot move, stay in door, not depend on the weather and lighting (that is why we need a standing lamp for the lighting). We can take as much time as we want. We can choose any shapes of things, any colours to combine as we like.

The models can be furniture, kitchen appliance, dishes, books, vase, stationaries, etc. Put the models on flat surface with or without clothes to cover the surface. Consider the back ground, something that can hold the clothes. It helps to see the model clearer.

Next models can be fruits, usually have sphere shape, and flowers which have limited lifetime.

Next models can be animal and human figures (can be life models or photos which are easier to draw)

After that we can learn to make it looks like solid by giving shade to the drawing. It can start with hatching and cross hatching lines, short, long, curve hatching. This is how we create tone.

Before doing it, we must examine the source of Light. The source of light determine, how intense the shade in an object. Practice will make perfect.

drawing watercolour painting

In drawing watercolour painting we can make sketches lightly. If we are confident, we can use ink to draw.

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