Light makes an object looks alive, real, and not boring. This is important to use Light in Watercolour Painting.

Light can be the sun itself, sun shine, sun ray, strong shadow of a building or tree, reflection on water or snow, slippery path, etc

Light can give impact to our visual sense.

To create the best light, is by saving the paper area without being touch by water. Even clear water has colour, although very soft. It depends on the water treatment installation use to process the water we use for painting.

The best method to create light is dry-brush technic, especially reflection of light on water.

Some tips to share

  • In painting outdoor, we must understand that light change very quickly. It depends on the weather, sometimes in a sunny day – huge moving clouds make very difficult to paint the light, it change rapidly. So it is better to take a photograph of the scene with the best lighting for reference, which we can use later to finish the painting.
  • Slight light can give special effect on objects like buildings, boats, people, man-made structure on landscape or seascape painting.
  • Highlight is very essential in Still-life painting especially on metal made objects, ceramics, glass made objects, even on the fruit’s skin.
  • In Still-life painting, It is a good thing to have a lamp that direct its light to the objects from one direction. This help us to focus where the source of light come from, and where to put shadow, even how long the shadow.

About the Shadow of an object

  • A strong sunshine will create a strong-edge shadow, vice versa to cloudy day with soft-edge shadow.
  • The lower the source of light, the longest the shadow. This can show the time the painting want to show, is it day light, dawn or sun set.
  • If the ground is not flat, the shadow should follow the contours of the ground. For instance : the stairs, river bank, ruts, etc

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