What Watercolour Equipment should I choose?

I would like to share the equipment to paint with watercolour. The modest equipment are watercolour papers, watercolour paints and watercolour brushes.

The others equipment are :

  • Board for painting
  • Clip to hold the paper or
  • Tape (Scotch Magic Tape) is very good, not too sticky and not ruin the paper surface)
  • Pallete for the paint or mixing the paint.
  • A bottle of clear water for mixing the paint
  • A bottle of water for cleaning the brushes
  • Spare paper to try the colour
  • Tissue
  • Cutter
  • Hair dryer

And many more depend on the technic we are using.

Watercolour Paper

The important things to consider about watercolour paper are the weight and the surface and also Acid Free.

The larger paper is better with heavier weight. It is not easy to be shabby.

The usually weight are 300 g/m2 or 640 g/m2. But there are also 140g/m2, 180g/m2, 200 g/m2, 220g/m2, etc.

The surface are : smooth (Hot Pressed), a bit rough (Cold Pressed) and rough.

The smoother surface is more difficult for watercolor painting. It does not mean the rough paper is the easiest. Every surface has its own purpose. It is difficult to paint slight lines on rough paper.

I usually use :

  • Canson : Fine Face, Moulin du Roy, Aquarelle, Cotman
  • Arches
  • Fabriano

Watercolour Paints

The shapes of the paints can be in tube or cake.

The tube paint is more liquid than the cake.

It is better to buy the best-quality paints even though it cost more expensive.

The quantity of pigment in a tube/cake determines the cost of the paint.

The quantity of pigment determines the quality of painting result.

Some manufacturers divide their productions in to : artist / professional or student grade.

I usually use :

  • Maimeri
  • Winsor&Newton

Watercolour Brushes

There are many kind of brushes. I have already bought many, but most of them I could not use. So I conclude only :

  • Small round brush
  • Middle round brush
  • Small flat brush
  • Middle fan brush
  • Small rigger brush
  • Big mop brush

There are red squirrel brush, sable brush, even synthetic brush, etc.

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